Complete all 15 levels by giving the correct answers and get to the end. Pretty simple.

Solve the challenge within each level. This would yield you the name of a color. Type it in the answer box at the bottom of the page and click Submit beside it to check your answer.

If your answer is correct, you'll immediately move on to the next level.

Yes! Whether it's anagram solvers, decoding tools, or reverse image searches, you're free to use any tool to help you solve the challenges. Google is, of course, your best friend here.

As long as you completed at least Level 1, there should be a Resume button right next to the Start button on the front page when you come back. Click that and you'll be sent to your last unsolved level!

If you're switching between devices (e.g. your computer and phone), or if you reset your cookies often (e.g. browsing in Incognito Mode), you can bookmark the level page you're on and come back later.

  1. Pay attention to everything on the level. Things to look out for include the level title, as well as visible text and pictures on the page. Everything you need to solve the level should be within reach from your computer/phone.
  2. Try to think "out of the box", and approach the challenge in a different way. There may be clues/solutions hidden in places you might not suspect.

Glad you asked that! This riddle is made by me, Peso, with creative and playtesting help from Meecles, Grace and Sam.

The Color Riddle © Peso255